educational toys

S.T.E.A.M in action

We are looking to develop long term cooperation with S.T.E.A.M providers. Our focus is on helping providers publish and distribute their products in China, through offline store sale, e-commercial promotion and new media channels.

We provide One-Stop Service, such as Localization, Produce games, protect of intellectual property rights, sales and marketing, Warehouse,Delivery, After sales, File taxes, etc.

We are focusing on publishing and distributing educational toys in china market. Actually, we good at it. We understand the business logic of China market, familiar with Chinese parents’ need. Most important is that we love what we are doing and believe on what we are doging.

We are helping brands win China market. Our top sales math games TinyPolkaDot, unbelievably sold more than 150K+ in China, and becoming one of the best math games in China market.

We are leading in China



Our partners cover both offline and online scenarios. included schools, offline stores, online stores,wholesale,new media channels.



We already cooperate with more than 30 brands to publish and distribute educational toys in China. Especially we are exclusive distributors for some brands.



We already service more than 300K families to foster Chinese kids lifelong learning for understanding, growth and success.